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What We Can Do For You

Corporate & Business Transactions

Corporate & Business


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Corporate Law



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Real Estate

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Outside General Counsel

Outside General


Representing Start-Ups



The "Wave"

Our clients have impressed us with their courage, vision, and passion to grow stronger and pursue new opportunities in a fast changing world.   Our Wave reflects our embrace of the dynamic, innovative and fresh culture inherent on our California coast and throughout the world.

A Skilled Team on Your Side

Businesses need to know they’ve got a skilled and responsive legal team in their corner. Brown Gee & Wenger was founded with the vision of strategically partnering with our clients’ teams at a reasonable cost.


Our open-door approach means that we don’t stand on the sidelines, but proactively learn our clients’ concerns and industry climate. We encourage our clients to call us whenever they have business opportunities or challenges.

What Is Our Value Add?

Our focus on “what is our value add?” along with our creativity, means we’re not your typical business lawyers.  We’re entrepreneurial thinkers who seek the opportunity to work with our clients with mutual inspiration and visionary thinking.

Mike Brown
Mike Brown
Audrey Gee
Audrey Gee
Katherine Wenger
Marilyn Morris
Marilyn Morris
Steve Lincoln
Steve Lincoln
Sasha M. Gibbons
Sasha Gray
Greg Beattie
Greg Beattie
Ingrid Rodriguez
Marissa Boyd
Anna Felton
Dale S. Freeman
Michael P.jpg
Michael Peterson
David Marchiano
David Marchiano

A New Way

The old ways of business aren’t working. The same is true of business law firms. We at Brown Gee & Wenger have worked to create a better way, establishing a new, lean structure that allows our creativity and experience to combine and bring our clients the most value.

Our creativity means we’re not your typical lawyers. We’re entrepreneurial thinkers who see the law as a tool for inspiration and visionary thinking. While our experience is proven by a track record of breakthroughs that have protected and grown our clients’ bottom lines for years, we embrace new opportunities to make a real difference.

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