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How Do We “Partner” With Our Clients?

Brown, Gee & Wenger LLP (“BCw”) was founded in 2011 by experienced Bay Area and Silicon Valley attorneys to provide legal services to San Francisco Bay Area and international business clients with a “Fresh Approach”.

“Fresh approach” is our shorthand to emphasize our commitment to partnering with our clients to provide and receive value through new and innovative approaches. We take pride in thinking and acting differently while delivering high quality legal services and attracting talented professionals to our team. We left a well-established regional law firm to pursue our vision of partnering with clients to achieve great results at a reasonable cost. We believed that we did not have a choice other than to respond to the changed realities of the business world through our embrace of business innovation in the delivery and pricing of our services. Changing business dynamics pose challenges and create opportunities. Law firms and their clients must embrace business innovation as we find our places in a changed and changing world.

To us, “partnering” means finding win, win approaches that serve (and align) the interests of client and professional. It has meant moving away from universal reliance on “billing rates times billable hours” as the only basis for pricing and the traditional law firm’s myopic view of how to establish the “value” of services rendered. Rather than “selling our time,” and all that can imply, it is our view that we are joining our client’s team to contribute our expertise, our experience, our resources, and our judgment.

We work hard to build relationships that encourage business clients to pick up the phone and consult us, allowing us to spot issues or put an issue in perspective in a manner that adds real business value. We do not want our clients to worry that they will be charged more just because they value our opinion and choose to consult us rather than winging it on their own. Instead, we want our clients to think of us less like a cost and more like the ideal legal department that is part of the business structure, knows their business, brings its training and experience to the mix, and helps achieve better business decisions that help the company succeed.

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