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What Does A “Fresh Approach” Mean?

We came together at “BGW” under our banner of “A Fresh Approach to Legal Services”. We have placed our entire emphasis on aligning ourselves with our clients, partnering with our clients, making conscious decisions to implement and stay on course with a “win, win” (client, law firm) philosophy.

“Fresh approach” means that we must understand our clients’ businesses and their circumstances, we have to put ourselves in their shoes, we have to achieve the standard of developing and presenting recommendations instead of mystical “answers” that start with “on the one hand” and end with “on the other hand.” When we strive for the practical added value, we can strike at the heart of how the client perceives his or her issue and make an opening for the client getting “unstuck” and begin moving beyond perceived obstacles or the inertia of the moment.

One of the “fresh” outcomes at our new firm, as we started charging some clients “monthly” instead of “hourly”, was a breakthrough with clients that had not considered us before while we swirled around in the maelstrom of “what is your billing rate?” and “how many hours will that project take” and “is this issue really that important?” This is just one example – in our context – where we came up with a solution from our own perception of what stops business people from hiring us or using us to our full “value add” potential.

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