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Law Practice Has Changed – Forever

As we consider things anew, we believe that our business of professional services has changed and the old ways won’t be coming back.

The “great recession” (roughly the past 3-4 years) softened everything up and forced everyone to reassess how business is done, who we are best suited to serve, what new approaches can and should be taken. The internet continues to provide new channels for gathering and assessing information, making connections, identifying and capturing resources, doing business. These changes have been and continue to be very disruptive, but they also create tremendous opportunities.

For our law firm and all service firms, we have to take a fresh approach. We look at every project, every client, every challenge, and consider it from new and different perspectives, looking for that intersection between the challenge or opportunity the client is dealing with, considering our experiences and drawing upon them in an effort to “cut to the chase” as to how the issue might turn out and how we might help the client navigate to the best result in the most efficient way possible. The ultimate challenge is to match the value we can provide with the pricing of our services, a true “win, win” for client and firm.

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